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What is TTEAM-Connect?

TTEAM-Connect a fusion of both TTouch and Connected Riding in one Clinic.

A perfect way to learn about Tellington Touch and Connected Riding skills.

TTEAM bring series of small non-habitual touches, leading techniques and groundwork exercises for your horse that will relieve tension, add proprioception and fascia release to that area enabling a better awareness, balance and weight baring posture.

Connected Riding is unlike any other kind of riding, it is a bio-mechanical system of riding. By sitting in a neutral position you are able to easily access all parts of your body without tension. You move with the horse and not against it. It provides a cycle of movement that passes from you to the horse and back again. Because there is no tension or compression in your body you will find it pain free and the horse is free to move and Mirror your position.

By allowing him to step through, soften and release tension. He will become less spooky, less likely to bolt, rear, spin, plant himself to the ground etc. This all happens through insecurity but with a neutral position and adding movement the horse becomes more grounded, calmer, more confident, feeling safer and generally become a happier more contented horse.

Altogether creating an even better relationship with your horse.

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