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Connected is unlike any other kind of riding it is a  system of riding. By sitting in a neutral position you are able to access all of your limbs You move with the horse and not against it, as a result you become a live weight providing a cycle of movement that passes from you to the horse and back again. Because there is no tension or compression in your body the horse is free to move and Mirror your position.                            


 I teach clients to find their Neutral Pelvis and work on their breathing to create a  natural Buoy through their body. I will take them step by step through the mechanics of how the horse moves their body when he is going through his paces from walk, trot and  canter. 

They will learn how their body’s mechanics work in relation to the horse whether they are riding or working from the ground . And to be able to isolate and feel individual parts of their body . You will learn to ride with their seat and feel what the horse feels when they’re in various positions. Rider awareness practice exercise to release holding patterns in their body and in return release bracing patterns in the horse.  


Usual teaching methods create the opposite effect we are looking for. We have all heard the phases being taught: ‘shoulders back, sit up, heels down’, amongst others, however this creates compression and tension. The rider has to work harder and often suffers back, knee, hip or ankle pain. This is also transferable to the horse. Adding to more compression and tension through the horses poll, neck, withers and drops the thoracic sling pushing the horse onto the fore-hand. The horse cannot move freely and as a result often the rider will resort to gadgets to try and achieve the desired effect. There is no harmony in this. 


You can have a lesson on our mechanical horse before hand if you’d like, to check out your balance and and get a base line to compare your progression.


We also work on the ground to release bracing patterns in the horse, body work, and balance riders in the classroom on a wooden horse and complete exercises in the classroom to help when they are in the saddle. 


You can Join our workshops and clinics, or have private lessons.

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