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Woman on riding simulator
Girl on riding simulator
Woman on riding simulator
Riding simulator graphics

The Dressage Simulator accommodates riders of all levels from beginners to the advanced. This horse allows you to practise advanced dressage movements, such as: Piaffe, Passage and Half Pass and can also be used for basic arena work.

​The fully interactive Dressage Simulator offers a revolutionary way to focus on skills and balance by viewing immediate visual feedback on seat position and riding movements. It is used worldwide by professionals and amateur riders as an essential aid to training.

For many with both physical and mental disabilities, horse riding offers a therapy that they simply cannot achieve elsewhere. The Racewood RDA simulator offers the same life-like action that our other simulators produce and can carry riders up to 15 stone. It can be used all day, whatever the weather allowing riders to enjoy horse riding in a safe and controlled environment.

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