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What is Tellington TTouch

Tellington TTouch is a form of touch therapy devised and popularised in 1978 by Linda Tellington Jones, an equestrian with a long-standing interest in massage, training, and rehabilitation therapy techniques. 


The small, light, circular touch on the skin can release muscle tension, ease discomfort, pain and improve posture which leads to better mobility and performance. The intention is not to manipulate the muscles but to work on the nervous system through non-habitual movements working on a deep level with the horse. 


The ground work exercises are designed to bring the horse off the fore hand and encourage a better weight baring posture. 


Changing postural patterns through movement can change helps retain the effectiveness of the bodywork. As the horse becomes better balanced he will then become more confident. So unwanted behaviours will lessen and in some cases disappear altogether.


This work is done slowly and mindfully, allowing the horse to process the changes and releases that it is feeling.  It is not a method that requires the handler has to ‘flood the horse’, ’tire him out’, ‘use negative reinforcement’, nor do you need to ‘show him whos boss’. It is a slow powerful touch that shows the horse into new possibilities.

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