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Four piece acoustic action in a Cuban, Skiffle, Banjo, Ska, Pop type style.

The Ronaldos are an acoustic band with a difference, covering songs in their own unique style with an irreverence and energy that makes any event special and memorable. Experienced at playing any occasion their unique stage setup, personas and friendly banter immediately put their audiences at ease encouraging them to dance, sing and participate.... so there!.

Second best band in Shrewsbury. For set list please go here.


   The Ronaldos are... 


Ron Rogers - Acoustic rhythm guitar and lead vocal - Ron and Carol Decker founded T'pau and now the Ronaldos.


Simon Hunter - Spanish guitar and banjo and vocals, Simon was chosen and mentored as a protege by renowned Flamenco Phil and Banjo Dick, 


Ian Rowley - Double bass and weirder instruments.  E is like Polyfilla because he is always right in the grove.  E is in Paul Rodgers FREE Spirit and with the Deborah Bonham band, that is when he is not busy keeping us in the groove! 


Rich Bongatti Jones - Wooden box, singing, was a Milkman and in The Loosehounds.

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